Thursday, December 12, 2013

Group Project: Dylan's Candy Bar Game - Second Iteration

For the second iteration of our project we observed how the class interacted with the game playing it. We were satisfied with most of it, so we decided our second iteration would be an attempt to relate our project to the concept of Avatar. To do so, we decided to create characters inspired by each of the member’s of the group to be the horses of the game. As the game is based on a candy store, we found in our personalities what related us to a specific candy. The results were characters based on Cookies, Ice-cream, Candy and Chocolate. 
As the change in the horses was not enough of a change for a second iteration, we decided to also work with the avatar concept creating posters that would be ads of the game and have our characters on it. This idea would not only advertise our project, as our first idea was to make a game that could be sold on the store, but also strength the concept of the characters, giving more personality to the ad and also to the game. The horses of the game could also make people playing the game identify and “be” their favorite candies while playing it.
We hope to bring to the players of the game the same excitement and enlightenment we felt the moment we stepped into the store and our eyes were fulfilled with all the unusual design and products ideas the store provides. The tools we used to provoke this feelings are the use of colors, the images of products sold in the store and the gummy bear candies as the horses of the game (so we could provide the experience of playing with actual candy and resisting the temptation of not eating them until you get to the end of the game).
This is the link for our group presentation on Prezi:
our characters-avatars are bellow:


and this are the results of our final presentation in class!