Friday, October 4, 2013


We were asked to interview someone from our class and make a portrait of them that was not literal, but would represent the person we interviewed and some of its personality.

I interviewed Daria DeeDee Torres Davletova, and my portrait and description auto explain themselves so there is no need for me to write more than that.

title: "Portrait of Daria DeeDee Torres Davletova"

media: photography, photoshop, abode illustrator and black ink pen
My portrait is an attempt to catch the strong personality and different, extreme facets of DeeDee.
The symmetry of the piece describes the balance she tries to have in her life, and also represents her sign, which is Libra.
The rose is a metaphor: while it can be delicate and beautiful it can also have thorns that may hurt. That is a representation of DeeDee's personality: while she appears to be always sweet and kind, she might show a defensive position when she needs to protect herself in order to be safe. 
wanted the final image to look sophisticated and clean (her visual image), with action and movement (as her lifestyle includes sport and health); but also an aura of mystery, her dark side. I think the color choice and the composition of my work give this visual effect to my piece.

This is Daria

and This is my portrait of her

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