Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Dylan's Candybar Game

We were asked in class to, in our group, choose a place we thought was interesting and create either a game, board game, booklet or pec elf art that game the spectators of the piece the experience of being in the place we chose.

I  our group, we decided to create a game board of the Dylan's Candybar store.
Inspired by the classic board game called candy land and by the information and notes we collected when visiting the store, we created a game, that, divided in sections, showed a bit of the dynamic of the Dylan's store, making the player of our game aware of the products, colors, advertisement and excitement you can feel as soon as you enter the store.

We wanted the game to be something possible to be commercialized later, and that's the reason why we made everything digital and printed out.

The pictures of the final game are bellow:
this is the box we made for the game
when you open the box it looks like this
the horses, the dices and the beginning cards

This is the game settled in the table while we were playing in class

at the beginning of the game each player receives a card telling them what they need to "buy" in order to finish the game

this are the cards that give you directions on what you are allowed to buy/ what you may loose during the game. If you want to take a closer look at the cards...
the chocolate section cards
the candy section cards
the drinks section cards
the apparel section cards
the ice-cream section cards

the results!

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