Sunday, September 15, 2013

project 1: Memory Map Drawing exercise

We've been asked to make a memory map as the first assignment in our Studio Class. The requirements were to draw a map of the neighborhood that comes to mind when thinking of "Home". The place must have an emotional connection to us and should include important and significant locations.
We had to include our home, at least a place that no longer exists, which way we went to leave to NYC and a key explaining our map.

I immediately had the idea to draw my neighborhood, the big and bustling city of Sao Paulo. After a few sketches, I realized it was too big to fit a piece of paper, so I decided to draw the most important neighborhoods for me and highlight important constructions and people in my map. I also decided I would use a design with bright colors and that looked like a kindergarten work (as the map reminded me of memories of when I was younger).

The map explains itself because I added a lot of details and wrote a key and also a introduction (as each part of the map you unfold gives you a deeper perspective of my city).
I do not have photos of this process work, but I will try to add some on my future projects!

The cover of my map looked like this ("MM" goes to Memory Map)

The back of my map

opening it...

When you unfold the map you have a general key that explains colors, symbols and what to expect on the inside part of my map

When you unfold it one more time you can visualize 4 different "maps". On those I try to explain the size of my city: I draw Latin America, show the size of Brazil in it, then show the size of my state in Brazil and then the size of my city in my state. At last I made a red circle in my city showing the part of it that represents the 6 neighborhoods I will represent in my map. That way I wanted to give anyone who read my map a notion of the size of my "home" and its location geographically.

this is how my map looks like completely open. As I said, it is really detailed and there are a lot of things going on in it.

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